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Animal Welfare

Some of the best Beef in the world

All farms registered with Meatco must be members of, and fully adhere to, the FAN meat animal welfare code which sets high standards of live stock husbandry within the five freedoms. Cattle must be registered and are allocated a unique number via an ear tag. Welfare standards, feed regimes and any veterinary treatments are monitored. Growth promoting animal hormones and antibiotics are banned by law in Namibia and these controls coupled with high standards of animal husbandry are why the countries cattle produce some of the best beef in the world.

The cattle are delivered to Meatco by the farmer or collected by organized transportation. All hauliers are registered and their vehicles are regularly inspected, upon arrival at Meatco’s factory. The haulier registers the details of his delivery with the lairidge manager, then the animal welfare officer inspects the cattle as they are unloaded, ensuring they are healthy and comfortable. A spray is applied to reduce the potential of currents of external parasites; cattle from the same grouping are kept together, all are supplied food as is required and water is available consistently.

The animals are cared for by trained staff who are experts in keeping the cattle as calm as possible and ensuring minimal stress. After a period of rest the cattle are led into the processing facility where their ear tags are entered onto a database along with weight and grade details. This forms a central part of the Natures Reserve traceability programme and enables Meatco to trace every piece of beef throughout the process onto customers across the globe and back to the Namibia farms of origin.

However, Meatco’s commitment to animal welfare goes further. It’s own farm assurance standards adopt those of FAN meat but include others like positive predator control and continuously encourage farmers to improve levels of animal husbandry. In Namibia predators can be a problem for farmers but Meatco understand that farming needs to work in harmony with its environment so it promotes an ethical predator control policy for its finest grade of beef products. This prohibits the use of poisons and aggressive traps with the preference to try and capture predators and relocate them back into their natural environment.

In Namibia there are several professional not for profit conservancy organizations dedicated to protecting big cats, the Afrocat foundation relocates on average 70 leopards and cheaters each year into their natural environment. When it comes to conservation Namibian farmers recognize the role they can play.

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