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Our Community

Taking social responsibility seriously

As a corporate citizen whose stakeholder reach covers over 70% of the population, Meatco takes it’s social responsibility seriously, supporting a range of developments and out-reach projects, such as orphanages, schools and charities, through financial assistance, sponsorships, food donations and various employee initiatives.

Meatco employs 1400 people and the company’s success has a direct impact on the local economy. But Meatco’s contribution to the development of Namibia is about to go further than ever, the newly established Meatco foundation is a not for profit entity that will work with international partners and donors.

A name that stands for quality

Meatco is the name behind Natures Reserve. A world class company with a world class product.
With a global reputation for quality excellence, this producer of prime free range beef is geared
towards supplying its products in to the demanding global market


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