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Our Farmers the Heart of Meatco

At the heart of Meatco lies its producers. Farmers who operate in harmony with nature, have pride in their cattle and who use world class extensive systems to produce beef of rare quality.

Farmers like Faanie Oosthuizen are why Namibian beef enjoys a global reputation. The 2008 Meatco Producer of the Year has made a bond with the land and his cattle.

Benjamin Karuuombe owns a large commercial farm east of Okahandya. His team of workers help him rear his 380 cattle and in return they are well rewarded with above average pay and conditions. With the help of modern sources of energy, Ben has grown a successful business since buying the land 9 years ago and Meatco has been with him in every step of the way.

Meatco is helping men like Tangeni Erkhana, a commercial farmer who secured bank loans by guaranteeing the price of cattle. The Aquato financing scheme enables farmers to receive down payments on animals reducing the number exported as weeners.

Ebson Kavita is proof that with Meatco’s help, it is possible to develop from communal to emerging farming. Since buying land near Garbarbis in 2003, his herd of quality cattle has grown to 300 animals. Further south, communal farmers are also benefiting from selling live stock to Meatco. Traditional cattle farming as its been practiced in Namibia for centuries, this land lies to the north of the vetinary cornered fence so the farmer here cannot contribute to eu supplies, but he’s established a long standing relationship with Meatco’s procurement teams. The location may be remote and the methods traditional but the farming here is also forward thinking. A modern energy efficient water pump has been built and Meatco provides regular advice via fortnightly radio broadcasts and other extension services.

Choose Natures Reserve and you choose a company that doesn’t just work with some of the finest producers in the world; it helps the farming community to grow technically and commercially. A true partnership that’s making development a reality.

A name that stands for quality

Meatco is the name behind Natures Reserve. A world class company with a world class product.
With a global reputation for quality excellence, this producer of prime free range beef is geared
towards supplying its products in to the demanding global market


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