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At Meatco, like all world-class leading businesses, we recognise that the key to providing a high-quality service is through a happy workforce, so we take our people seriously, constantly investing in their development and skills.

With more than 1400 employees, Meatco is an important provider of jobs in Namibia , especially in the capital Windhoek and nearby town of Okahandja. All our workers receive pay, bonuses and pensions in line with or above the industry average, and enjoy a range of other free or subsidised benefits. Bus transport to and from work, housing allowances, and both food provision and medical care are provided on site. We believe in career advancement so we provide staff with regular training courses and literacy lessons, equipping them with the knowledge they need to progress. Equal opportunities are a reality at Meatco, with many of our staff gaining promotions as a result of the experience and qualifications we provide.

The welfare of our staff is paramount, so across all our processing facilities, we place an emphasis on the training of health and safety, and through the regular distribution of a vibrant company newsletter, our people are constantly kept informed. A Worker Committee meets regularly, and an Employee Representative sits on the Meatco Board, ensuring the workforce have a real say in the direction of the company. A robust relationship has been forged with the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union, resulting in a landmark agreement on the rights of temporary workers. And at Meatco there is more to life than just work. Our staff are encouraged to take part in a range of activities from sports to charity volunteering, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

A name that stands for quality

Meatco is the name behind Natures Reserve. A world class company with a world class product.
With a global reputation for quality excellence, this producer of prime free range beef is geared
towards supplying its products in to the demanding global market


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